Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Friday morning before Megan flew home, Heidi, little Gary, Megan and I went to an outside market for Gary to pick out a pumpkin. Megan took this picture. Gary went thru a hay maze, swang on a Tarzan rope, climbed steps of hay to go down a slide and milked a cow. He picked out a little pumpkin to take home. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon in Ohio and perfect to take a little guy on a one stop fun trip.

I am Poo Poo

For a quick explanation, when my first grandson was first making attempts at talking the only words he could form for a name for me, granny, was Poo Poo. Even at 4 now, I am not granny or such, but I am Poo Poo. It was a keeper and brings eyebrow lifts from anyone who overhears... ...another daughter who had a baby in March already warned me.........I will be Poo Poo at their house, too. Ahhh, a rose by any other name. Potty training was a little difficult with word association, but we made it thru that. Maybe I shared toooo much??? Giggling over a given endearment to me! :-)