Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bradbury centennial quilt reproduced

For years I admired the Bradbury centennial quilt posted on the Smithsonian site.
I had also seen photos in some books but never a good close up until I found it online. I had collected various patriotic prints from different companies, designers and lines for ages to make my version. Last year I made mine. After Kathie posted
pictures on her blog July 24 th ( of the same print I used on my backing, I decided to show some closeups of my repro quilt.

Since some fabric companies are making new fabric lines reproduced from an antique quilt, this is one I wish they would make a new fabric line from. I would make it again! Where I could not find a close enough repro print, I made up my own, such as in stripes.

This picture shows a couple more blocks with one featuring the same George Washington print a friend was kind enough to trade with me for.
George again:

And more assorted prints used in other blocks:
Finally, the backing which shows the same print Kathie used on the back of one of her little quilts.

On the Smithsonian site you can click under the quilt photo to see closeups of the quilt and the back. I had fun making's not an exact replica, but a good repro for my tastes to have my "own" quilt like this antique one. I would love to see it in person. In fact, I had so much fun making mine, I didn't want to stop and added an extra row. You may have to look close to see where it is.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too hot to quilt!

O my............we are sweltering in Ohio, just like I am sure most of the country is. Can't stand it anymore; cuts into stitching time, right? (We have NO a/c at home and fans barely help at 95 degrees.) Just to post something and wish for cooler weather, I will show a picture of the reproduction crib quilt top I basted a couple weeks ago. I only have the center applique piece hand quilted now. Last year I took this class over at Good Wives Co in Marion,
favorite quilt shop. It's a 40 minute drive for me but so worth it. The last local quilt shop here closed a few years ago so I drive to Good Wives. They have just what I like.

I changed the corner blocks on mine as I did not want to make the carpenters wheel blocks the original had. I needed something easier to get the top done. Streamlined it. I kept the color placements the same, tho. This is so pretty in person and I am looking forward to having it done and draped everywhere. Now to wish the heat away so I can go back to quilting on this!