Monday, January 23, 2012

Missie Carpenter of Hallbrook Designs

About ten or eleven years ago, Missie Carpenter passed around a paper in our local quilt guild requesting anyone interested in starting an applique group with her to please sign up.  I was one of the lucky ones to sign the paper.  Our small gathering began and it was a fun group because we just worked on our
own applique projects and had show and committees, no rules, just getting together.  Years
went by and Missie had to move to Iowa because hubby got a job transfer.  During our gatherings she
would talk about patterns and dreaming of making her own, and she did do a few.  Since moving away,
she created a webbie and added some new patterns to her quilting life.

How fun was it to get an email from Homestead Hearth after Christmas mentioning their new BOM
programs and reading Missie's name and seeing one of her quilt designs will be featured as an offering!  How great is that for her!  And I knew her before she was famous!!!  Here is her Life in the Midwest.

To introduce you to Missie and her work, I am inviting you to take a look at her website.  She has
a new pattern listed, In the Orange Grove and I am sure you will be seeing more patterns from her in the
future.  Good luck, Missie, in your  pattern adventures!