Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A quilt or two for Tuesday

Before I tackle my laundry piles, I thought to post a quilt just because it Tuesday. I know that doesn't make any sense but I'm just killing time before I turn that washer and dryer on. Here is one for today that I made a few years ago.

This is an older Jan Patek pattern and I think it was from a booklet of hers about Fat Quarter Quilts, but I'm not totally sure. It features a blackish/brown print with shirtings, reds, olives, blues and tans. And my favorite stars and moons theme.
It was a challenge at the time because the triangle arcs were paper pieced and I'm not much of a fan of paperpiecing. A little, like this, is ok and worked out well.

Here's one more to add. I made this top last year. It was on the wish list to make for a long time so finally it got made. Not quilted yet. Want to save it for this winter as it's pretty large and I am going to hand quilt it. This is also an older Jan Patek pattern from The Winter Book. More stars and moons. More blue and brown. The striped blue indigo is a favorite piece of fabric. I bought tons of that print and never get tired of it. Still have some left; I'll be a sad quilter whenever the last of it gets used up.

That laundry mountain is calling at me...............