Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hot off the presses is my finished blue willow top. She is not de-threaded yet or even hanging straight, but I wanted to take a picture for a look thru the camera lens to get the over all effect. I thought I would post the picture as is. The camera still makes it look brighter than the duller quilt top she is. This will be put in the pile to baste.........argh......didn't I just mention I basted two tops last week. But it is nice to have this one sewn into a top and dream of the next applique project. She is larger than I guessed as each block is 20".

I goofed when I counted the blocks for the rail fence top I have been working on. I thought I only needed 120 blocks and was almost to goal when I realized, I needed 120 more blocks. O boy. Still stitching on those and I am actually using up a large amount of my 1 1/2 inch scrap strips. I may have to cut more. Fun!