Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My least favorite part of hand quilting is...........

getting the quilt ready for basting.  Not the basting part itself......I find that part a little relaxing and can catch up on a soap opera or listen to the tv while basting.  It's that "before" part:  getting the cotton batting just right on the backing, trying not to lose my temper and throw needles and scissors into the hereafter while doing this part.  The tugging and the pulling and the stretching and do I admit to a swear word now and then?

O my gosh............calm down, count to ten, yada, yada, yada.

So I prepared myself yesterday to start putting together two tops that are needing to be hand quilted.  I got myself in the right frame of mind to begin.  Actually, the first one went rather well and I was able to
put the basting stitches in nicely.  And the second top is all pinned and awaiting for me to add the big
bastings but I needed a blog break before starting that part.  The enjoyable part is ready for quilt top #2
and my temper is fine thru it all. So far! Here is my progress that I hope to finish tomorrow.

What is your least favorite part of quilting?????