Monday, April 4, 2011

A bonnie blue cheddar quilt

Last summer I was able to go to the AQS show in Columbus, Ohio and take a quilt class with Jo Morton that I will post pictures of later. When we took a lunch break
we were able to view the show and vendors. I am not one to look at quilts much at a show as I would rather see the variety of vendors and see what different quilty things they offer. Since this was a large show, I scoped quickly for the booths that
I wanted to see and took off working my way thru the crowds. Sometimes I wished for a long hat pin to stick in a few slow moving fannies, but I controlled myself and went with the crowd flow.

Bonnie Blue Quilts had the most stuning booth and went 3 or 4 times just to gaze and be mesmerized by their beautiful work. I feel for their navy blue and cheddar quilt and purchased the pattern and later the next week drove to Good Wives in Marion to buy the chedda! I have tons of navy blues to use and they worked so well in this. I love this quilt. I had it machine quilted and Good Wives even had it for viewing a while. My mom remarked when she saw all this cheddar that she wanted to lick her fingers off as she felt like she just ate a bag of cheese corn! How fun!

Pictures of Jo Morton late! Thunder storm outside and I want off the 'puter.

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