Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple Goods and schoolhouse blocks

What is not to like about schoolhouse quilt blocks? They are a top favorite of mine. I have made numerous ones and don't get tired of the look or of the piecing. Thru the years I have sold a couple but still own two larger ones I made and a recent mini one. These blocks were started over the summer and set aside for working on the heart/star flag quilt. Last week I finished setting them into this large wall hanging or throw size top. Have been considering doing a quilting pattern on this I have never done before..........baptist fan. Still thinking on that one and will decide soon. Will need to ask help from a friend on that since I never attempted doing this.
If you are a lover of very primitive antiques and grungy crafting, you missed a wondeful show of this type this past Saturday. The Simple Goods show is held in the spring and summer in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and features the best primitives imaginable. Like in the old issues (not these last couple of years, ugh) of Country Living magazine. Candy Looker and Max Squires put on the most wonderful shows. I haven't missed one yet and each show tops the previous one. Please
google Simple Goods show for information for future shows and pictures of past ones. They are on facebook and have fabulous show pictures posted.
I found a great............but very brittle, shredded and worn to death..............vintage doll quilt at the show from the vendor Tinkers Wagon. My loves in antique fabrics are the old blues, navy and brown along with centennial fabrics. Ooooo! Years ago I won a tiny square of a centennial cheater cloth on ebay and get it out now and then to admire it all the while wishing some fabric company would reproduce it now for our new "old" quilts. Folded up on a table I found this distressed doll quilt of the same cheater cloth in just awful condition, but a wonderful find for me all the same. Here you can see my worn little ebay piece with the newly acquired very tired out piece. Both treasures to me!


Dawn said...

Love your school house quilt. You chose fabulous colors. The doll quilt is a treasure!! I recently saw 5 yds. of the 'real' printed patchwork sell for $500 something. Good find, and thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

There is everything to like about schoolhouse quilts, and I love yours! I agree that that particular preprint should be reproduced. Hopefully someone who could make that happen is reading!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Your Schoolhouse quilt is wonderful. I've made this block with two colors, but your use of several colors really caught my eye. Great job! I want to make one like this.

Karen said...

I agree that there is nothing not to like about schoolhouse blocks. A favorite of mine.

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