Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blue Willow

Most of last summer, the ladies over at Good Wives were working on an applique willow pattern that they were inspired to work on from a photo of an antique quilt. I knew when I first saw their work that I would be buying their pattern to make one. I needed a handwork project and this would be the perfect one. Last week I started my first of four blocks thinking I would stitch a few stitches here and there. That didn't happen. I was addicted right off and finished
my first big block, about 20" square, yesterday. Today I am lecturing myself to put that second block down and to work on Christmas decorating and sewing gifts. Time will only tell if I listen to my lecture. The ladies at Good Wives are making theirs in red and green and they are lovely. I chose to make mine a blue willow on a teadyed colored brown background. Yesterday I sent this progress photo to my sister who emailed me back a little surprised. When she opened the attatchment, she wondered why I was sending her a picture of ribs. O my! Not knowingwhat to expect, I can see where she may have been confused wondering why I was going to applique dinosaur ribs. (ok, disclaimer here: she works second shift and comes home very tired, hence the confusion....maybe?) See what you think:

Ooo, that photo is way too bright............blue ribs? Hmmmm............

Good Wives Co is a wonderful quilt shop in Marion, Ohio. If you like reproduction and civil war'ish type fabrics then this is the place for you. The shop ladies are always friendly and ready to talk about what you are working on. Lots of shop samples and some decorating items for you to purchase. Search the internet for them. It's my favorite quilt shop and worth the ride over anytime I need inspiration.


Karen said...

The blue is beautiful. Lots of work stitching all those long branches.

Dawn said...

I love that willow motif!
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

KarenQuilt said...

I've seen this pattern on woven coverlets too! I love applique and have almost finished applique a set of 1930s blocks I bought on eBay about a year ago. They were already nicely basted! Thanks for stopping by and posting to my blog about the "Indian" image quilts I discovered. Two more similar quilts have been found today so I have added more photos to that same post! Just google Quilt History Reports to see them. Cheers! Karen