Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oooooo, love those blue and whites

I love blue and white quilts all year long but especially in January. Maybe it is because of the white snow on the ground? Add in a pop of old blue in an antique (or new) quilt and I just shiver............and not from the cold. Me loves a blue and white quilt. The snowmen are residing on this old Irish chain till Valentine's Day. It's worn but in good enough shape. It
features one on my favorite old prints, the tiny stars. But if the camera pans out a little further, you see the problem. Someone at one time got very careless with a bleach bottle.

But I love it all the same. And it is so soft. How many times has this one been washed in its life? My newer quilts that I have washed many, many times do not get as soft as some of these oldies do. I want to know the secret! Here is another oldie that is hanging on a quilt hanger that has seen better days. What a wonderful shade of blue from all the wear and tear. The best part of this one is also showing off. There are many tears and worn holes underneath but she is still a mature beauty, too.

A couple bloggers have been showing blue and whites in their posts this month so I am joining in. Hopefully I can get a few more photos posted soon.


Karen said...

I have a blue & white vintage quilt. I should put it out this month. I hadn't thought about it. Blue and white is perfect for January.

Kathie said...

Blue and white perfect for January thanks for sharing. Your quilt has well loved. I think it shows how loved this quilt was worn spots and all.

Dawn said...

Very pretty quilts. I love that you still use/display them. Proves how timeless they are!
Thank you for sharing.

Ondrea said...

I love blue and white together. There is something soothing about it. Not usually a snowy time of year here in Australia, although last week there was a cold snap in the middle of summer and our Alps had snow! A bit weird, I know. I love your quilts, Thanks for showing us.

Maureen said...

I, too, love the blue and whites, more so than the red and whites we've seen so much of in the past year. Thanks for sharing yours. I guess that softness also comes with age, not just use.