Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rail fence top is finished

I enjoyed working on the rail fence but am happy it is completed.  Will pack this away for
a time before making a decision on finishing it.  I have always wanted to make a summer log
cabin spread and have never started one.  So I am thinking I could make this a summer spread
instead.  Still unsure so I will decide another day.  This actually made a big dent in my
scrap pile of strips.  I will now need to start adding more to the collection.
 How fun it is to see a scrapbook of other projects in this top.

Yesterday our applique group met and had the big reveal from a challenge we have been working on.
We each made a little piece from a Lori Smith pattern and chose our own way to finish it up.  It was
fun to see the various color choices each one made which made them so different and individual.  I
temporarily put mine in an old window frame.  It's just taped in on the back until I find what I
really want to use it the frame, then I can finish this little piece in another project.  Fun challenge
for us.

Now I am back to the stitching room to piece a back for the willow trees for yet another top to
baste.  Ahhhhh.............I should be hand quilting all of these instead of building a big pile of
need to be hand quilted tops.


Jan said...

Love this rail fence top - so much saturated color; wonderful!

Kathie said...

Your quilt looks wonderful! Love all the blues in it wasn't it fun to make a quilt from your fabric collection! I like your little quilt in the frame.

Maureen said...

LOVE the rail fence! The applique is pretty, too.
I dislike piecing backs.
My hand quilting projects are backloged, too. I love to do it, but I'm so slow.

Sharon said...

WOW! Fabulous use of scraps...love it!!!

Dawn said...

Fun quilt! and the applique is really pretty.
Does that mean you are heading for some serious fabric shopping? Hope so!