Thursday, March 8, 2012

Re-making an old doll quilt and directions for you

A couple weeks ago I was quilt fabric shopping at Good Wives (Marion, Ohio) looking at a new Jo Morton line called Bridgeport when I let out a gasp.  There was a black mourning print in the line that reminded me of a print that was in an antique doll quilt I own.  How neat if I could remake my antique into a new doll quilt.  After all, reproduction mourning prints are hard to find.

After getting home and finding my doll quilt, I rummaged through the scrap basket for some
medium and light blues.  Since the original is machine quilted with diagonal lines thru each
square, I followed along with the new one.  See how similar they look?
This is a simple doll quilt to make and if you would like to make one for yourself, find some scrappy blues and get a bit of Andover Bridgeport #A-5604-K.  I bought a yard and I have a good piece leftover.  You may only need half a yard.
Cut 35 assorted blue squares 2 3/4 inches.  And cut 35 black repro mourning prints 2 3/4 inches square.
Follow the color placements in the photos.  Notice the short blue rows contain the same blue in a line.
The antique doll quilt is backed and bound with a grayish mini check.  I used a smokey gray tiny star
print on mine.

I hope you make one!


Karen said...

Several years ago, there were several mourning prints available but not so much now.

Kathie said...

thanks I will have to make one of these
there is a new line of mourning prints coming out soon by Betsy Chutchian of Blue Hill Fabrics
I just LOVE those .....
thanks for sharing your quilt with us, its a beauty!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Wow - your new little doll quilt is such a close match to that vintage one! It looks wonderful!

I love that Bridgeport line and just had to get it myself in the black/red combination. After seeing your little quilt - I love it in blue too!

ann hermes said...

Your reproduction is great. I love the simplicity of antique doll quilts.

Maureen said...

Wonderful repro! I love the blue and black combo. I'll have to look out for these mourning prints.

Janet said...

I hardly ever see mourning prints either. Love the doll quilt, it's a sweet one and so antique looking.

Dawn said...

Great project - I like both of them.
The little quilts are maybe so rewarding because we can complete all the steps in a short period of time. I stocked up on mourning prints a while back.
Thank you for sharing your work!

Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Now you have two treasures...Lovely!